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Our system now permits you to request Accreditation and provide the needed documentation online. We also permit self registration of commonly requested Endorsements online. However, online payments for Endorsements are currently not supported at this time. You will be contacted directly once your application has been reviewed for payment details.

If you are a service provider, like a lawyer, accountant, application development shop, marketing agency, hosting provider, or other service provider to entrepreneurs, you probably need the Service Provider Endorsement.

Register for Accreditation with Service Provider Endorsement

If you are a education program, like a college based program, a collegiate entrepreneurial student organization, a high school based program, an academic institution's program specializing in entrepreneurship, a entrepreneurial educational program or boot camp, or similar program, you probably need the Education Provider Endorsement.

Register for Accreditation with Education Provider Endorsement

If you stream online content that is entrepreneurial, or you're streaming online on how to be a maker, or you are writing articles or blog posts about the same, you probably need the Education Media Endorsement.

Register for Accreditation with Education Media Endorsement

If you invest in startups and you meet the definition for Accredited Investors in the United States of America ONLY, and stricter investor exemption requirements in your state of residence if applicable, you can apply for the General Investor Endorsement online. (All others must contact TANRC for appropriate paperwork and adjudication of status.)

Register for Accreditation with General Investor Endorsement

If none of the above define you, you need multiple endorsements (like a incubator or coworking space might), or you have no idea what Endorsements (if any) that you need, you can apply for Accreditation without Endorsements. Best of all, Accreditation itself is free!

Register for Accreditation Only

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