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Please fill out this application to request formal accreditation of your entity. At least one contact is required. It is strongly recommended that you fill out all fields to the best of your ability, as certain endorsements require us to verify the information that you provide us. Because of that, you may be requested to submit additional information for verification at any time during the accrediting process, the endorsement process, to validate your accrediation and endorsements, or for regulatory related reasons. You should expect to be contacted by a representative within 2-4 business days to discuss next steps.

By submitting this form, you and your organization will be bound by the Accreditation Agreement. The person submitting this form must either be duly authorized by their organization to sign this Agreement electronically, or must be able to upload a signed copy of this Agreement which has been signed by someone duly authorized by their organization to sign the agreement. If a signed copy of this Agreement is uploaded in this system, your organization's application is provisional until the original signed copy is successfully recieved by us through the postal mail system.

The basic Accreditation Agreement does not cost anything to obtain. This is because TANRC is responsible for the trust and accountability of the startup ecosystem, and the startup ecosystem does not function well when there are high barriers to entry. However, should your operating model require any Endorsements to the Accreditation Agreement, you will be charged annually for maintenance and certification of your Endorsements.

Although the Accreditation Agreement does not cost anything to obtain, it is annually renewed. Should you not comply with the terms of the Agreement, you may be subject to sanctions, fines, or regulatory reporting, and your Accreditation may be restricted or revoked for failure to comply with TANRC Operating Standards as approved by the Board of Governors, who are directly elected and apponted from the membership of all Accreditation holders.

Entity Information

Once you click Continue below, you MUST complete the remaining step of the Accreditation process, acceptance of the Accreditation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This means that you must have the authority to bind your organization electronically to the Accreditation MOU, or have a document that can be electronically uploaded granting you such authority. If you cannot sign this agreement at this time, DO NOT continue with this application.

It is strongly recommended that you review the draft Accreditation Memorandum of Understanding to be familiar with it so that you can complete the remaining step of the Accreditation Process today. The blanks in the draft document will be filled in by the information provided in this form once you submit it.

Review Draft Accreditation Memorandum of Understanding.

If you continue and are unable to sign the application for any reason, you will require manual intervention as your record will already exist in the system but with no valid Accreditation Agreement on file.

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